Six Amazing Ways To Style Your Favorite Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are the perfect add-on to your outfit of the day when there is a slight chill in the air but not full-blown cold. They are pretty lightweight and not clunky, which also makes them great for layering. But the question is how to layer up something so functional yet basic, like a fleece jacket. Well, you have come to the right place! Here’s taking you through six ways to style your favorite fleece jackets.

1. Blue fleece jackets and grey sweatshirts

Let’s start with a laidback option in styling jackets for women. Here is an outfit that you can wear while going for a walk or simply bringing some takeaways home. Complete this look with white sneakers and blue leggings, and you’re good to go. You can make it look dressy with jeans but let’s come to that later.

2. Red fleece jackets with blue denim

If you are running out of ideas to style your fleece clothing, tackle the problem by going for different colors. A fleece jacket with denim can look great when you choose the former in red and the later in blue. A grey tee will look good for the top.

3. Black fleece jackets with printed pants

Bring out your printed pants from the luggage bags to style your fleece jackets. Now, these pants can either be fitted or loose based on your convenience. Choose heels if you are going for fitted pants and sneakers if choosing a loose fit. And don’t forget to go quirky with the prints.

4. Fleece jackets with polka dotted sweaters

There is another thing that you need to pull out from your favorite AW bag – your favorite polka dotted sweater. Sky blue fleece jackets with black and white polka dotted sweaters look really cute and classy. Complete your look with your basic skinny jeans, and you are good to go. Sneakers are the perfect choice for this style.

5. Fleece jackets with plaid pants

If you want to keep it simple with your fleece jacket, go for a simple black one. Now, make your look stand out by pairing red and black plaid pants with it. Choose pants that are loose fitted and roomy, while keeping the fleece jacket zipped up. Instead of the same old sneakers, go for oxford shoes this time.

6. Pink fleece jacket with white tee-shirts

When the plan is to keep it simple and classy, the pink and red combination works well. So, choose the fleece jacket in pink and take your basic black tee-shirt. If it is chilly outside, you can go for a white turtleneck to wear beneath your fleece jacket. This look needs black denim and white oxfords to stand out.

The endnote

Keep in mind that all the looks discussed above are mere suggestions. You can mix up these six ideas and give them your own spin to make them stand out even more. So, now that you know how to style fleece jackets, why not add a few more to your closet?

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