5 Ways to Step Out On a Cold Weather

The winter is coming. Are you ready for the cold weather? Well, even in freezing weather, you still have the chance to step out beautifully. All you have to do is twist your wardrobe a bit. Have the right attire to keep you warm and smart in the cold weather.

You can start your journey with a perfect dress from Hotpaws. Get those gloves and keep cold away as you continue your daily routine. Here are some five ways you can pull that decent look in cold weather.

  1. Three layers to keep warm

In the cold weather, you don’t want to freeze all the way to work. You should think of three layers to keep yourself warm. The base layer may consist of silk underwear, some merino wool turtleneck, and leggings to keep you warm. Some thin moisture-wicking basics can also keep you warm without making you sweat a lot.

Make the middle layer a thick fleece of insulation to keep you insulated. A pack or winter coat can complete the third layer to serve as a barrier for rain and the cold winds.

  1. Make it tight all the way

If you want to prevent the cold wind from hitting you, you should wear some tight-fitting outfit. You can also swap some wide-leg jeans for a skinny one and balance them with an oversized knit sweater and some chunky boots. Also, to keep your legs warm all day, you can wear some leggings under the dress and skirt or some fleece-lined tights.

  1. Pair that skirt with a sweater 

It may look awkward, but this will keep you warm and smart all day. You can pair a sweater with a long skirt to keep yourself warm. Try putting on a knee-length pencil skirt with some chunky cable knit pullover.

You can also try some midi and maxi skirts with a sweater. The French tuck is a good choice if you wear a statement belt and balance your look.

  1. Go for the right type of down 

Down is insulating and lightweight, making it a good material for keeping warm in cold weather. However, it loses its puff when it gets wet. A synthetic down is a great choice because you can walk with it in the rain. If you want to protect your down jacket, you can choose a synthetic down or have some rain shell to cover you.

  1. Get some gloves and a hat 

Anything that gives you extra warmth is worth the look in cold weather. If you wear the same winter coat every day, you can make it look unique with a hat, gloves, and some scarf. Create a dear winter look with some colorful cashmere beanie. You can also add some hats to keep your body warm.

In cold weather, the best you can do is wear weatherproof clothing. Take your favorite hat, boots, and jacket when you step out in this coming winter.

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