What You Should Consider Wearing on Your First Date

The thing is that you will never get a chance to make a first impression twice. It is either you dress to kill, or you blow it off. This is why you need to have all the tips on pulling a gorgeous outfit. Indeed, a higher percentage of men do not spend much time dressing up. However, it is not the time that matters. What matters is the kind of outfit that is chosen for the day. Here are a few tips you should consider before going on your first date.

Clothes that Fit

As a man, the first thing you should consider before going out for that date is if your clothes fit. It is best to consider going for clothes that you have ever worn before. This is to ensure that the clothes do fit you. You need to note that wearing baggy clothes will not bring out a good impression of you. Most ladies assume that men who wear baggy clothes are careless. Go for clothes that fit you perfectly and also compliment your body.

Casual Look

I am sure that you would do anything to ensure that your first date is perfect. To help you achieve just that, you need to go for a casual look. You can go for a white polo shirt and grey jeans. You can also wear a fedora hat. Remember you are going on a date and not a meeting. This is why you should not go for an official look. Going for an official look will make you look like a very serious person even though you might not be.

Appropriate Shoes

Most women assume that men who have good taste in shoes are automatically good. Why don’t you take this chance to make a good first impression? The first thing you should consider is if the shoes fit you well. You do not want to go out in shoes you do not feel comfortable in. Also, the place you will be meeting up with your date plays a significant role in determining what shoe you will wear. For example, if you are meeting up at the beach, you should consider wearing sandals, but sneakers are just okay if you are meeting in a coffee shop. Also, ensure that the colors of your shoes blend well with your outfit. You do not want to go out looking like a rainbow.


You must keep your accessories to a minimum on your first date. Stick to a classic watch or cuff. The best way to make an excellent first impression is to go for simple accessories. Remember, the focus of your date should be you and not your expensive watch or necklace. Also, wearing many accessories may bring out a negative impression of you.


You only get to make a good first impression once. These tips will help you make the best impression while on your date. Apart from dressing well, ensure that you are yourself.

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