Should I Go to a Salon or DIY for Weave Hair?

Did you get to purchase weave hair and feel ready to have it installed and styled… ON YOUR OWN?

Before you do that, you might want to consider whether it’s worth going to a salon or DIY-ing this procedure.

Whether you’re using virgin hair extensions from companies like Harlem Hair Company or synthetic weave hair, read on to see if the salon is the way to go.

Should I Go to a Salon or DIY for Weave Hair?

It IS possible to install your own hair extensions, like weaves. However, this is NOT recommended at all!

The only kind of hair extensions one can do on their own are clip-ins. You’ll even see professional hairstylists goina g to certified hair extension stylists for their weaves.

Why, though? Here are just few of the reasons why it’s worth investing in a trusted hairstylist for weave hair:

  1. The Blending

Blending is key to a successful hair extension job, as well as the most crucial part of hair installation processes. This is a technique that takes a ton of practice, which is what certified hairstylists have mastered. Many still practice and hone their skill to ensure a successful weave installation all the time.

Unfortunately, you can’t learn this off a YouTube video as you go. It takes years to master the skill of blending your hair with the weave, and it will also take professional tools to complete the process.

If you try blending in your weaves yourself, you can end up with unequal hair that looks poorly installed. It won’t look natural, and you’ll have to end up going to the hairstylist for a correction. This will take more time and effort, as well as extra money for the correction and styling services.

  1. The Consistency

Weave installation will take precision and skill. Imagine placing evenly spaced bonds by yourself! Definitely not a good idea and will have you cross-eyed trying to get every detail right.

If you tried doing it yourself, you increase the risk of experiencing crimped beads, messy bonds, or crooked tape-ins. Besides this, you’ll also need to ensure the weaves are placed at the correct spot on your head.

If it’s too close, it creates a waterfall effect, causing the extensions to stick out from the attachment points rather than lying flat. If it’s too far from your scalp, then your weaves look like they have grown out, requiring touch-ups. Your weave will look fake and more noticeable that you did it yourself.

  1. The Time

And finally, take note of the time and effort it takes to install weaves on your own! It will take at least an hour for professional stylists to do it effortlessly, while it can take you hours for you to finish up with the risk of doing it wrong.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to weave hair, you’ll want to make sure you visit a certified stylist for installation and styling. This will prevent any issues that can damage your weaves or even your hair!

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