Tips for Choosing Unique Gifts

Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t want to keep giving gift cards when your relationships with them grow. Consider something more personal, such as personalized leather bracelets for someone who likes leather jewelry. By following a few quick tips, you can find a great gift for any person in your life.

Make a List

The best first step is to list the things you know about the person, including their interests. Take some time, at least 5 minutes, to make a complete list. You can then identify gifts that fit each of these interests. You should get some interesting ideas. For example, if your gift’s recipient enjoys baseball, you could purchase tickets to a local game. You may also combine ideas. For example, if you know someone who has just moved into a new house, you could include a nice bottle of wine and something useful for the house, such as a kitchen trash can full of kitchen utensils and linens.

Solve a Problem

Don’t just focus on purchasing things that will make your gift recipients happy. Consider what would help them out. For example, is there something in their lives that irritates them? For instance, do they work during the day and need black-out blinds? What about fixing something in their home? Another good option is a good house cleaning so they can take the week off.

You may also do something that helps their bodies. For example, you may purchase a massage for someone who has back or neck pain. What about slippers for someone who has perpetually cold feet? A day at the spa may be just what the doctor ordered.

You may also consider taking on one or more of their responsibilities temporarily. How about a few hours of pet or baby sitting?


If your recipient enjoys plants, landscaping or flower gardens, consider purchasing a plant. Flowers are a wonderful gift, but they don’t last. However, a houseplant or flowers they can plant outside will last for years.

Those Who Have Everything

Everyone has someone in their lives who has everything. These are typically the most difficult people to buy for. One option is to donate to their favorite charity in their names. However, you can also just give your time, whether it is a nice lunch or a weekend away, time is always appreciated.

Don’t let gift giving make you anxious. Enjoy the process as you revisit your relationship and learn more about your gift’s recipient.

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