5 Great Ways to Style Your Statement Earrings

Did you know that the origins of statement jewelry can be traced back to Ancient Egypt? Thick cylindrical rings, dangling gemstone earrings and collar necklaces all lit up the Egyptian jewelry boxes. Fashion author Mila Contini says that antique trinkets of famous princesses are the archetype of most modern jewels. So, you’re channeling royalty whenever you flaunt statement jewelry. Besides, it has an effortless fashion appeal with the right blend of sophistication to stand out among the crowd.

If you’re a lover of statement earrings, here’s what you should know about styling them in stunning ways.

1.     Pair with solid-colored or simple outfits

Wondering how to make a style statement with that basic sweatshirt, tee, or monochromatic dress? Or maybe your plain turtleneck sweater was waiting in the wardrobe for the perfect fashion companion. So, check out statement gemstone earrings with these minimalistic outfits to create a bold contrast. The glamor of the earrings will add a hint of style to the simplicity of your attire. Besides, you can sport fashionable footwear of the same color as your earrings to accentuate their appeal.

2.     The right hairstyle

Want to buy some amazing fashion earrings online but unsure how to do your hair to complement them? There are no hairstyle rules as such. The key to fashion is to seem effortless. For example:

  • Try a low messy bun to highlight the earrings in a casual style. A tight low updo is chic for formal events.
  • A high ponytail too can let your earrings draw the limelight.
  • Let the sparkling pair peek from between your beautiful hair curls, especially if they are danglers.
  • Tuck that straight hair behind one ear to let your earrings shine.

3.     To blend in or stand out?

You can try both when it comes to styling statement jewelry. So, don’t worry about this when you buy those dazzling gemstone earrings online. Feel free to accessorize a yellow floral dress with yellow earrings. Or you can try gorgeous contrasts like orange earrings with a white silk dress. Swing a chic orange handbag to enhance the look. You can even try mismatched combinations of jewelry and outfit – that’s the hot trend right now.

4.     Keep your other ornaments minimal

It’s better not to make your statement earrings compete with other pieces of jewelry. So, let those gemstone earrings you bought online be your fashion statement for the day. You may wear a subtle ring or a simple bracelet. Give a break to the other jewelry. Leave your beautiful collarbone exposed.

5.     Say “yes” to busy prints with neutral-colored jewelry

Don’t know how to style your favorite neutral gemstone earrings? Time to take out that printed outfit you weren’t sure how to wear. It’ll be even better if the print is bold. If you love checkered patterns, this is the best time to try them. They can lift your style quotient with boldness while the neutral earrings can add a soft touch to it. This will strike the right balance in your look.

Last but not least is the makeup trick when sporting statement earrings. It’s best to go with either bold lips or bold eyes to complement the earrings. Don’t try both together though. Wear those oversized sunglasses with a neutral lip color or try neutral eyeshadow with bold lipstick. Then you can enjoy a perfectly dramatic yet balanced look, without seeming gaudy or over-the-top.

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