The Different Women’s Hat In The Market

When it comes to women hats, many different kinds of hats exist. The most common form of hat is the baseball cap. This type of hat is worn by both genders and has become a popular accessory, both for fashion purposes as well as for function.

There are many different brands of these caps, making it worth shopping around to find the perfect one for you.

Below find the different womens hats:

  1. Baseball Cap

It is the most popular girls’ hat type. They are often worn casually with t-shirts, jeans. It is practical and good-looking at the same time. Although some people do wear it for fashion reasons, it looks best when paired with more casual clothes rather than formal outfits.

  1. Bucket Hats

A bucket hat is perfect for ladies who love to wear hip-hop style during summer. It can be worn in different ways resembling different styles, but it is mostly worn backward. This type of hat is often associated with rappers and players so it might not be the best choice when you want to go unnoticed.

  1. Cloche Hats

Clochette hats are very elegant and classy, which is why this type of hat is often worn by older women. This stylish hat can be made of different materials like straw or felt. You can find them in various shapes like mushrooms, bells, or bowler hats.

  1. Felt Hat

This type of women’s hat is rather interesting because it can be worn two different ways. Felt hats are often round or oval-shaped and they look best when paired with casual outfits, especially the ones of more modern style.

  1. Floppy Hats

Many young women prefer wearing floppy hats for summer activities like going to the beach, picnics, etc. They are usually made from straw and have a low profile. The brim of the hat is wide so it provides good sun protection.

  1. Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are often worn by classy ladies, but you can also find girls that love to wear them with modern outfits like t-shirts and skirts. They look great when combined with formal wear as well.

  1. Felt Fedora Hats

This type of women’s hat is very similar to the traditional felt as it also has a round or oval profile and wide brim, but it is more fashionable because its crown can be pinched or creased so it resembles a fedora hat, but it is made of felt.

  1. Trilbies Hats

Women who want to wear stylish modern hats often look for trilby hats, which do not cover the whole head, unlike traditional hats; they only provide sun protection for the back of your neck and top of your forehead.

  1. Visor Hats

The visor is a type of hat that is usually made in the form of a half-cylinder. It does not have a brim, which makes it perfect for sports activities like running or cycling.

  1. Western Hats

The last type of women’s hat is the western hat. They are often worn by older women who are fond of western outfits with cowboy-style shoes. These hats are often made of straw or felt, decorated with various patterns and designs.


There are many types of women’s hats, but these 10 were the most popular ones. All in all, there is a hat for every occasion and for every style, which is why shopping should not be a problem.

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