Guide to Eye Makeup Remover

We all love putting makeup on for various occasions to make ourselves look our best. We sometimes feel like we need makeup to cover some blemishes or a bad pimple we woke up with, and other times we like to try new colors, shades, and types of makeup. Then, after a long day or a long night out, we cannot wait to take off our makeup and go straight to sleep. And as we have all experienced, I’m sure, are those makeups that just will not budge; especially on our eyes, no matter what eye makeup remover is used. We use eye makeup that is long-lasting, waterproof, the 24-hour guarantee so that it can last all day and/or all night. Finding a good eye makeup remover is a tough task. We all seek for the remover that will be gentle with our skin, especially around our eyes, knowing that the skin around our eyes is the most delicate and sensitive, but we also want to remove the makeup efficiently so it won’t smudge on our pillowcases and we can have a good night’s rest with a clean face.

There are many different types of eye makeup removers on the market. There are oil-free, water based, chamomile based, as well as klorane plant based eye makeup removers. There are also different types: cleansers, lotions, oils, scrubs, and pads. Each type of remover is based on your skin type and each type of mechanism used is based on the individual. Oil-free eye makeup remover is great for contact- wearers and it is light enough for your skin, but tough enough to remove the most difficult eye makeup. Instead of oil, the products may be replaced with aloe and

cucumber extracts. Water based eye makeup remover tends to give individuals a less sticky feeling and feel no residue left behind when taking off their eye makeup. Chamomile, as we know, provides a calming sensation when drinking it as a tea. Thus, using chamomile based eye makeup remover will also allow your skin to feel calm, is great for contact-wearers, and is gentle for the eyes. Using a plant-based eye makeup remover such as klorane, is also great for sensitive skin and helps with the removing tough makeup as well.

Having seen the various types of eye-makeup remover, it has been seen that oil-free based eye makeup removers work great for sensitive eyes. How so? Well, instead of using oil to take off the makeup, the oil-free leaves less residue than those that contain oil and dissolve more quickly than the other types of eye makeup removers.

It is important to look for some key features when choosing the best eye makeup remover for you. It all depends on your individual needs. If you have gentle or sensitive skin, choose a remover that is free from parabens, fragrance, alcohol, and preservatives — all of which are potential skin irritants. Some eye makeup removers come from plant-derived extracts. These extracts hydrate the skin by using materials such as chamomile, cucumber, or cornflower. It is recommended to use eye makeup removers that do not contain chemicals so it is important to find one that says chemical free. Having an eye makeup remover that is chemical-based leads to more irritation around the skin. Choosing a good eye makeup remover is based on your individual need, skin type as well as budget. Just remember it is important to remove your eye makeup before bed to prevent irritation, inflammation, and to take good care of the skin around your eyes. Be mindful of your skin sensitivities, if you wear contacts or not, as well as using organic ingredients to not harm the skin around your eyes. Knowing all this useful information for eye makeup removers, it is now time for you to go wild with your eye makeup and try all the different colors and shades to make your eyes pop!

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